Appraising 101:

What to Expect During the Appraisal Inspection

Every appraiser has their own way of doing things.  Compline Group appraisers will usually come to the door and introduce themselves first, then measure the outside of the home.  If helps if you open garage doors and patio gates so the appraiser can get all the way around the house.  If you have dogs, introduce us to the dogs before you leave us alone with them!


Once we've measured the outside we come in and walk through the inside, drawing an interior floor plan and making notes of the features and condition of your home.  We usually take interior photographs in every room, so be prepared.  By the time we've walked through the house we've accumulated a list of questions to ask you. 


If you live in a subdivision where the homeowner association fees are mandatory, we'll need to know how much the fees are and what they cover.


The appraisal inspection usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how complex your house is and how much thorny landscaping is next to the building.  Please remember that the time we spend in your home is only a small amount of the time that goes into preparing your appraisal report.  Before we come to your house we've already spent a considerable amount of time doing market research. 

After we're done inspecting your property we drive around your neighborhood, looking at homes that are currently listed or have sold recently.  Then we go back to the office, analyze the data, and pull it all together into report form.  The actual appraisal inspection is the least time-consuming part of the whole process.


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